Write More, Type Less

Use EditPad Lite’s Clip Collection to store common snippets of text, source code templates, text formatting and layout tags, etc. Double-click a clip to insert it into your document and save time typing. Collections for various popular file types and programming languages are included, such as the HTML tag collection you can see in the screen shot. Clips can consist of a “before” and “after” part to be placed around the text cursor or the selected text. Ideal for HTML tags and other snippets with opening and closing parts.

If it suits your editing style, you can associate different Clip Collections with different file types. Then you’ll always have the appropriate text snippets handy.

Unlimited Cut, Copy and Paste

Use the Clip Collection as an unlimited, persistent clipboard. Move or copy blocks of text between the editor and the collection. Drag and drop them with the mouse, or use keyboard shortcuts. Make complex text editing task easier by using the Clip Collection as a temporary holding point or as a scratch pad.

Only US$ 29.95
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
32-bit and 64-bit
100% satisfied or money back
free for personal use

Take Your Clip Collections Beyond EditPad

Working with clip collections in EditPad Lite is so handy, that we have developed a separate application, AceText enabling you to use your EditPad Lite clip collections with almost any Windows application. If you have AceText installed, EditPad Lite will automatically integrate directly with AceText.

Use AceText as a Windows clipboard manager for writing down notes and ideas, improving email and instant messaging communications, etc. And AceText also enables you to edit text documents and data faster when you’re using another application’s integrated editor instead of EditPad Lite.

Get AceText at a Discount

If you have purchased EditPad Lite in the past, you can buy AceText at the discounted price of US$ 34.95 instead of the regular US$ 39.95. To obtain the discount, please enter your EditPad Lite user ID and email address below.

You can only buy AceText at the discounted price directly from Just Great Software, and only by entering your EditPad Lite user ID below. The order form will clearly indicate the discount.

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Bundle Discount for EditPad Lite and AceText

If you haven’t purchased EditPad Lite yet, you can buy EditPad Lite and AceText as a bundle, and get the same discount. You can find the bundle pricing on EditPad Lite’s ordering page.

“I wish to convey how much I appreciate both EditPad Pro and AceText. They have been programs that I use almost every day and I truly rely on these great software programs.”
— Diane Greenberg
  18 February 2010, California, USA

“I use AceText extensively, refer to it as my magic clipboard, and suggest people should use it at every opportunity. I’d be lost without my EditPad and AceText.”
— John Craggs
  6 February 2009, United Kingdom