Your Fully Configurable Text Editor Works Exactly The Way You Want

EditPad Lite is very configurable. You can adjust EditPad Lite to suit your preferences and habits. Make your text editor work the way you want. Don’t bend to an editor’s restrictions.

You can tell EditPad Lite to export your preferences to an .ini file and import preferences from an .ini file. This way you can instantly reconfigure EditPad Lite when installing it on another computer.

Many of EditPad Lite’s settings can be configured for each file type. You can have different default encodings, editing options, text layout, syntax coloring, and file navigation to suit each kind of file you edit with EditPad Lite. You could edit plain text files with a proportional font and word wrapping but edit source code files with a fixed font and no word wrapping.

Many other settings that affect EditPad as a whole rather than individual files can be set in the overall preferences.

You can configure the main menu, all the toolbars, and most of the context menus. You can move or copy and toolbar button or menu item onto any menu or toolbar. You can remove the commands you never use and even hide the main menu. You can bring it all back if you change your mind.

Don’t worry if the number of options overwhelms you. You can start using EditPad Lite right away without even looking at the preferences. The default settings make EditPad Lite work like most other Windows text editors. But if you want to change something, you can do it.