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EditPad Lite Contact Information

No technical support is available for EditPad Lite. If you want technical support, please buy a license to EditPad Pro.

If you have any problems or if you have any comments or suggestions regarding Lite, please do send a message to support@editpadlite.com. While you will probably not receive a personal reply, your comments and suggestions are read and taken into consideration for future releases of EditPad Lite.

Feedback on user comments and suggestions will be sent through the Just Great Software Newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to it. It costs nothing.

Offline Contact

While email is by far our preferred communications method, you are most welcome to get in touch via more traditional ways. This is our mailing address, which is the address our business is officially registered at:

Just Great Software Co. Ltd.
165/3 moo 2
Rawai Phuket 83130

Company registration codes and numbers:

  • Thai Tax ID: 3-0325-7200-2
  • D-U-N-S Number: 672043828
  • NATO CAGE code: SJE42
  • SAM registered (search for DUNS 672043828)