Free Windows Text Editor Available in Many Languages

EditPad Lite is currently available in the following languages:

If you have previously purchased EditPad Lite, you can download your own fully licensed copy of EditPad Lite in any of the above languages. Simply click on the link to your language, and scroll down the page to the download section.

Word lists for EditPad’s spell checker are also available in many languages. The spell checker is normally only available in EditPad Pro. The purchased version of EditPad Lite includes it as a bonus feature.

EditPad Lite 6

EditPad Lite 7 is not available in all languages that EditPad Lite 6 was available in. You can download EditPad Lite 6 in the languages that haven’t been updated for EditPad Lite 7.

More Languages

Obviously, we at Just Great Software don’t speak all of the above languages. We rely on our community of loyal EditPad users to make the translations for us. We will make EditPad Lite and Pro available in more languages as we find volunteers to make the translations.

If you would like to help with translating EditPad Lite into your native language, please contact the EditPad Lite technical support at In addition to being a native speaker of the language you want to translate EditPad Lite and Pro into, you should also have excellent command of English. That is important to be able to make a good translation. Previous translation experience is very nice but not required.

We will supply all the files and software that you need to make the translation. All you need is a Windows PC capable of running EditPad itself, and a fair amount of spare time. You do not need any special skills to make the translation, other than a good knowledge of the terminology used in a text editor like EditPad Lite in your own language. We will provide you with a special application to make the translation process very easy. This software only takes five minutes to learn.

We are particularly looking for translators for the following languages, to pick up where previous translators left off: