EditPad Lite Testimonials—What The People Say

Fred Rasmussen

“My story is that I was helping my wife and her small biotech startup submit a patent application. As part of the application, one submits ‘Sequence Listings’. Sequence listings are text files containing amino acid formulas for the proteins that are to be covered by the patent. In our case, that amounted to over 430,000 ‘recipes’, and a text file of 680 MB. We needed to edit the file to make small changes. When I tried to open the 680 MB file in Notepad, I just got the spinning cursor. At that point, I downloaded EditPad Lite, installed it in a minute, clicked on the 680 MB file, and it opened immediately to the first lines! Even when I navigated from the top to the bottom of the document, the performance was good. It did take maybe 15 seconds to ‘fully populate’ at the bottom, but I thought that was just fine.”

“I was also able to open multiple versions of the 680 MB document in adjacent tabs. That allowed me to easily copy half of one text file and paste it into another version. It also allowed me to select all and convert everything to uppercase, display line numbers, etc.”

“The bottom line is that EditPad is easy to download and install, lightweight, easy to use, powerful and fast.”

4 February 2019, North Carolina, USA

B. Smoak

“I just had to let you know that I’ve been using EditPad Lite for a while now and I Love It! I’ve recommended it to my family and friends with high marks for quality, speed and features. I have used many different Notepad clones trying to find the balance between user friendliness and utility. EditPad Lite represents the fusion that finally brings balance to the Force.”

8 March 2018

Daphne Williams

“I have used the free version of your software for a long time. It is perhaps the most effective & frequently-used application I possess, so I decided to pay for the new version.”

“Thank you for providing a stripped-down text editor that allows me to eliminate the annoying crap that email clients and word processors gum up the works with!”

“Sincerely, an old WordStar and WordPerfect user.”

25 January 2018, Maryland, USA


“Just want to thank you for just a magnificent text editor! I never even new that such one existed, but after using my old favorite editor for 10 years, it began to show its deficiencies (as a small and plain editor) and then I came across this.”

23 December 2016, Europe

Elijah Perez

“I just wanted to say thank you for making EditPad. I only use Lite for now, but I will probably buy it in the future. I’m recommending it to so many people because it has helped (read: saved) me too many times to count. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

21 May 2014

Tsvi Sadan

“[The new right-to-left support in EditPad 7] has enabled me to make EditPad Pro the *only* text editor I use for multiple languages in multiple scripts. I have even deleted *all the other* text editors I used to use for non-Latin scripts as I see no reason anymore to continue to use them.”

“Until now I didn’t have any sophisticated text editor that also supports bidirectional editing, but now I can recommend EditPad Pro as well as EditPad Lite to anyone who is looking for a text editor with support for bidirectional editing and amazing functionality.”

“Thank you very much for making such an unbelievably excellent text editor!”

7 June 2011, Israel

Henrik (Metronware)

“I LOVE YOUR EditPad Lite! When working with files on multiple platforms and sometimes in Unicode, everything works as expected. My favorite part however compared to other alternatives, is that the program is so simple, lite and fast: no heavy features like spelling control, file explorer, project management or syntax coloring abilities to slow it down or clutter the GUI… Just what I need for reviewing large amounts (100MB+) of data output and logfiles.”

25 March 2011, Denmark

Tim O’Brien

“A number of years ago my then favorite text editor, PFE, was discontinued, so I searched for a replacement and found Editpad. Every so often I test new ones that I come across. Editpad has always come out the winner. I tell all the programmers I know to use it. Occasionally, I use WinEdt because of its tight latex integration, but that’s it. I finally realized that I should also plug Editpad for other visually impaired folks I know and so came this blog post: Do you dislike NotePad? Go for EditPad instead. A better text editor for the visually impaired.

15 December 2008

Ken McLeod

“I love the product. I’ve used NoteTab Lite (freebie) for years, and Zeus Edit (paid) for years, but both let me down recently when I needed to hack a very long line in an XML page. Neither of these guys could do it! But EditPad did and saved my bacon. Thanks! :-)”

25 September 2008

Marcin Grzegorczyk

“I’ve been using the freeware version of EditPad for several years now, and it has always been my favourite plain text editor. And since I often need to read files using different codepages, or convert between them), I’m very glad of the new Unicode capabilities of EditPad Lite 6.0.0 (especially since they’re also available on Windows 98!). I’m certainly going to use EditPad even more than before. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work!”

8 June 2006, Poland

Mitch Williamson

“Rarely, very rarely, do I find a product that completely impresses me within hours—but you have one—in EditPad Lite.”

“I do a lot of bulk text editing from the web (non-commercially) to put eventually into Word. I get rough text (often with horrendous grammar and spelling) and throw it onto Notepad, to edit later. Now with EditPad Lite, I get the speed of NotePad with heaps of features which allow me to pre-edit the material.”

6 October 2005, Australia

Jerry Fass

“I have used the free EditPad for a few years, and I felt rather guilty about it. A month ago I downloaded EditPad Pro, to experiment with, which I have been doing since then. I have become addicted. It is a superb piece of work. So, yesterday I bought an EditPad Pro license. Thank you for making such a fine product.”

18 March 2004, Wisconsin, USA

Micheailin O’Cinnsealach

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful EditPad Lite! I love it! I am a blogger, and I have always wanted my own little pad which acts like the posting boxes do for the sites like Blogger or Xanga. Now I have it with your program. I can click on the Explorer button and see what my links and images will look like, and I can save longer posts to file in case I don’t get finished or am afraid of losing it. I see that I can also change the font colours as well plus a lot of other things I haven’t figured out yet. One could even use it for composing letters before deciding to send them. This is so cool. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know.

10 December 2003


The following article appeared in Lockergnome’s Windows Daily on July 4th, 2002:

“{Neat text editor} Tabs are nice. I mean, who wants a bunch of clumsy windows all stacked together when they can be nicely tabbed and sorted? That’s just one of the many cool things about this text editor. Besides those awesome tabs, you can also open as many files as you want, with no restriction on size. Not like those darn roller coasters with their darn height restrictions. Grrr. Where was I? Oh yeah. You know how Word only lets you undo or re-do an action so many times? Well, EditPad lets you do it until the cows come home. It’s as if they studied all those popular text editors and developed a brand new one that’s even better. (What a concept!) If you’re looking for even more options and you’re not afraid to part with a few bucks, check out their EditPad Pro version.”

Jake Pushie

“It’s fantastic software. I’ve used it every day for years and tell everyone about it I can. I’ve also provided links to the site any time I give workshops at my university and others…”

21 November 2018, Saskatchewan, Canada

Michail Mersinis

“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am that I can now read / write / transcode sample text between Shift-JIS and UTF-8. Amazingly useful—solid software! And for the purposes of multi-language support—I simply have not found anything else that does that so simply and effectively!”

13 March 2018

Graeme Geldenhuys

“EditPad is one of very few text editors that can correctly handle line ending styles other that the common three (CR, LF, CRLF). So congratulation to you for adding yet another feature to EditPad that the competition doesn’t have. :)”

29 January 2018, United Kingdom

Doc Paul

“Just installed Edit Pad Lite 7, and this is exactly what I need. My files are 200,000 rows x 4835 columns. It took 1 sec to loaded. Fantastic. Even this is for ‘personal use’ it is worth something.”

12 November 2017

Elaina Moore-Kelly

“As a long time (licensed) user of EditPad Lite, may I say first that I love this program. It’s so easy and convenient to use especially when I’m double-checking text from a web page or some code I have written using a code editor.”

20 August 2016, Florida, USA

Robert Bedrosian

“If there were a Nobel prize for excellent software design, you would be a strong candidate. You are a genius, and the best kind! I have used EditPad Lite then EditPad Pro for some time. Really great!”

20 December 2015, New Jersey, USA

Jane Williams

“I just wanted to tell you that I’d been trying to edit some huge text files (MySQL data export), and my usual code editors crashed or froze on sight of them. EditPad Lite just did the job, simply and smoothly, with beautifully intelligible error messages when it thought it had a problem (encoding issues with special characters).”

9 February 2012, United Kingdom

James Laing

“I have just downloaded your application and I must say that I am delighted. As a software developer myself—your application is easy to use, extremely well thought-through and I will continue to use it for editing my own development scripts.”

13 September 2011, United Kingdom

Richard Påhls

EditPad Lite is really one om my must have and everyday applications—I would like to thank you for the really great work!”

16 May 2011

Nick McCusker

“I have been remiss in not sending this email sooner. I was turned on to EditPad Lite by a fellow coworker years ago. At the time, I did not anticipate how dependent I have become on this wonderful piece of software. I could not count the ways it has helped me.”

23 March 2011, Colorado, USA

Tom Appleby

“Just wanted you to know how much I like this program. It’s ‘lite’ :-) quick and easy AND it appears to be very stable. Thanks for the recent update.”

6 March 2009, Alabama, USA

Chris Churchill

“I don’t usually write thank-you notes to software developers, but in this case I had to make an exception.”

“As a grad student, I have been working for the past 2 years with a data acquisition system that generates very large text files. The archaic system requires a text editor that can quickly work with very large text files (~100mb!). I interact with the text editor through a mouse and keyboard scripting program, which cuts and pastes data (basically video frame values, pixel by pixel) between data acquisition program and text editor. Previously, I had spent literally months dealing with Microsoft Word. It was so prone to hanging, crashing, and general slowness, that I needed to break up my data acquisition files into as many as 8 parts in order to have a chance of working. It would often take 3 or more attempts before Word would survive a single mass transfer of data.”

“Today, EditPad has saved my life! I have in a matter of minutes, streamlined my code so that I can use your program to interface with a single file, no matter how long. Your continued support for Windows 98 has also been a lifesaver, as I am stuck in the OS using abandoned data acquisition software. Thank you so much for making this perfect program. As a longtime Windows/Mac/Linux user, I am stunned to find a Windows program this well suited for its task.”

1 February 2007

Robert Potter

“I have used the freeware version of EditPad for about a year, and I wanted to thank you for making such a great program available for home use. If I were in a position to, I’d certainly buy EditPad Pro just so I could pay you for your software (I’m a poor graduate student, so that’s not in the cards just yet).”

“Yours is one of the few programs on my PC that I cannot remember ever having crashed, or caused a crash. It doesn’t freeze. It is tiny, so it doesn’t slow the system down. EditPad is one of the few programs that has free reign over my PC—I configured ZoneAlarm to let EditPad do whatever it wants. And it never messes with anything!”

“EditPad has lots of features, but none that contribute to bloatware. I am sure that EditPad Pro is the same—and its list of added features look great too.”

3 August 2005

Jeremy Morton

“I’m in awe having just downloaded Editpad Lite. Editpad Classic was fantastic, this is absolutely perfect. I really couldn’t ask much more out of a free text editor.”

Sean Dennis

“Just wanted to let you know you really outdid yourself on EditPad Lite. It’s the best editor for free anywhere… I REALLY love it! As soon as I can, I’ll get EditPad Pro. I am a BBS sysop and rely heavily on text files, so EditPad Lite is a godsend.

“Thank you very much for providing such an excellent program.”

Patricia Riebandt

“As a non-programmer, I want to compliment you on your Print function in EditPad v.4. It has all the options anyone (or at least I) could want and and is beautifully simple. It’s great! The best I’ve seen yet, in fact.”

Peter Knowles

“[…] the reason I am contacting you today is to comment on EditPad, the program which has made the web designing here at TPN the easiest for over a year now when I first discovered your program from amongst the heaps of program titles.

“This morning I downloaded a copy of your EditPad Lite beta, and have already been very much pleased with the enhancements, and quality. You have truly made your programs very easy, fun, and most of useful.

“Since the release of your EditPad program you have been overly nice to people in offering it up at such a nice price (free) and I am glad that you have now taken a stand to offer your Pro version at a price which will bring you in at least a small profit. You deserve it! I hope in the near future after getting use out of your Lite edition to purchase a license for your Pro edition, this I will add will be without question, and you truly do deserve the ‘Best Web Design Tool of the Year’ award.”