EditPad Classic—The Original Postcardware Text Editor

EditPad Classic is the original EditPad developed by a student named Jan Goyvaerts in 1996 and released as postcardware. Postcardware means that if you want to keep the software after a short trial period, you should send the author a nice postcard from the region where you lived. With the advent of version 3 in 1997, EditPad became one of the most popular text editors on the Windows platform. It was fast and compact and it had all the basic functionality a text editor needs.

EditPad Classic is no longer supported. No new features will be added to EditPad Classic. Any bugs or other limitations of the software will not be fixed. If you already have a copy and are happy with it, you are welcome to continue using it. If you do not have a copy of EditPad Classic, please take a look at EditPad Lite (free for personal use) or EditPad Pro (US$ 59.95).

EditPad Classic is no longer available for download from Just Great Software.

EditPad Classic - The Original Postcardware Text Editor